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Florida Soccer Academy is offering its unique soccer training program to kids of pre-school and elementary school ages. The program has been designed to provide kids a healthy, fun and interactive experience! 

Our programs are unique, organized and we always show up to work with the kiddos. There are details below and a form that can be filled out to discuss how the program can work for your school.

The Program Includes:
  • FSA t-shirt for each child
  • All necessary soccer gear (balls, cones, etc...)
  • Most importantly...a fun learning environment that the children will enjoy!
Program Details:
  • An experienced FSA staff coach
  • 4 Sessions each month
  • A teacher from the class will be there to assist in organizing during each session

Next Step, Contact Us!


Complete the form below. Once you click submit, we will reach out to schedule a meeting. If you have any questions, you can email us at or call


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